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Granite countertops installations are becomingly increasingly popular amongst homebuyers and renovators in the Connecticut area in 2014. And, for good reason too! Countertops and slabs manufactured from this material are resistant to scratches, stains, cold and heat damage. In addition, they are practically free of maintenance and polishing requirements. Grout and stains are a thing of the past with granite countertops, especially if you purchase them from a reputed company like New Granite & Marble


Quality is an essential part of the package when deciding which kind of granite countertops you wish to install in your kitchen and bathrooms. The products sold and distributed by New Granite & Marble in Connecticut are top-of-the-line selections that excel in both durability and functionality. These granite countertops allow your installation contractors and home décor specialists to execute their projects faster and with fewer delays. The best part is you get a lifetime-limited warranty on all purchased materials. All products are fabricated and installed by manufacturers and technicians that are the best at and experienced in what they do.


You are able to select from a variety of shades and patterns for your granite countertops. Trend glass, trend stone, and even trend mosaic are amongst your choices.  Here at New Granite & Marble, we make sure to offer you a wide variety of products and options. After all, you really need to settle on a granite countertops color that matches seamlessly with your décor, such as the paint, flooring, lighting, and fixtures, conforming to the overall theme of your interior décor. That can be quite important in making sure you achieve the final desired look in your kitchen and bathroom.

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