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Material Information

Name: Blue Pearl
Material: Granite
Country of origin: Norway
Pattern Speckles
Colors: Blue, Gray
Applications: Kitchen, Bathroom, Fireplace, Floor, Outdoor
Description: As you get closer to the sparkly metallic blue stone of Blue Pearl granite, you will see a silver cast appear. This granite features abundant amounts of quarts and mica in the stone, which gives the pearl-like sheen. It has a smooth surface that is speckled with blue and gray flecks, and each piece has its own look. Quarried from Norway Blue Pearl is unique and versatile granite. It can be used several places such as homes, restaurants and, hotels. It looks best as an elegant counter top in your kitchen. It can be great for outdoor patios and inside around the fireplace, in the bathroom, and even for your flooring. The coloring looks great with any décor and fits with most styles. Blue Pearl is perfect to add a modern look with a lot of flare

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